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To the Phillies:





Carlos Ruiz and the Phillies dugout’s reaction to Ryan Howard’s 3-run homerun.  

This was too cute not to gif.  

Carlos Ruiz is literally the most enthusiastic Phillies fan ever.

chooch is so PRECIOUS oh my god

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hahaa i love you chooch


hahaa i love you chooch

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Pitchers and catchers

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Phillies’ Ruiz dwells on the here and now


For the most part, ballplayers are a superstitious lot. That’s why so many of them recoil when asked to explain a hot streak.

It was no surprise, then, that Carlos Ruiz waved his hand and shook his head when someone broached the subject of his recent 11-game hitting streak, which ended Friday in the Phillies’ 6-5 loss to Florida, their last game before Hurricane Irene washed out the rest of the series.

"Sometimes you feel good at the plate, and sometimes you don’t," Ruiz said Saturday. "That’s baseball."

If that’s the case, Ruiz is feeling better than at any time this season. He batted .394 (13 for 33) with four doubles, a homer, five RBIs, and a .606 slugging percentage in the 11 games before Friday’s 0 for 4. He had two hits in each of the previous five games, and even most of his outs were hard-hit line drives.

For Ruiz, affectionately called “Chooch” by his teammates and fans, relaxation is the key. And the best way to relax is developing the ability to quickly forget a bad game at the plate. Don’t dwell on it; there’s always another game. Ruiz got a handle on that approach last season, when he hit a career-high .302. He also had career highs in on-base percentage (.400) and on-base plus slugging percentage (.847).

"I told myself that no matter what happened yesterday, today is another day," he said. "That’s the mentality I try to have. I went 0 for 4 [Friday], but the good thing is after the game you say, ‘OK, it’s over with, and we’ll do better next game.’ You have to forget about it quickly."

Ruiz’s numbers are down this season, although his batting average (.271) and OBP (.364) are currently the second highest of his career and respectable for a bottom-of-the-lineup batter. A chunk of his season was affected by lower-back inflammation that sent him to the 15-day disabled list early in the season.

"It’s been a tough year with my back, but there’s nothing I can do," he said. "I feel good now."

Of course, Ruiz’s true value to the club can’t be measured solely in what he does at the plate. What he does behind it also must be considered. The catcher is more concerned with keeping the trust a pitching staff stocked with high-profile aces clearly has in him than he is in his performance with the bat.

"In the position I play, the pitchers are doing well and we’re in first place, and that’s the most important thing for me," he said. "Sure, I want to have good numbers on offense. I want to do my job, try to get on base, and do the little things that help win games. But I know my main job is behind home plate."



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